May 2019 CONNECTING Newsletter
Spotlight on the RCM Community Trust: Rotary Supports MSO’s Grand Theater

While choosing the MKE Urban Stables as our Club’s next big project, the 2020 Project Selection Committee concluded that the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra’s Grand Theater project was compelling and urged the Rotary Board to consider a gift from the RCM Community Trust.


The Committee felt it was important for Rotary to be part of this innovative and transformative endeavor for the Symphony and our City. And the Board agreed, making the decision to support and endorse the MSO Grand Vision.

On behalf of the Rotary Board at our Tuesday meeting on April 9th, Karen Hung was pleased to announce a donation in the amount of $50K that will be made to the Symphony’s initiative over the next two years. In recognition of this donation, the Rotary Club of Milwaukee will have two artistic fountains in the refurbished Grand Theater named for the Club. This announcement was made with Mayor Tom Barrett, Mark Niehaus and Andy Nunemaker present, as well as several others from the MSO.


In addition to the financial contribution, the donation signifies Rotary’s engagement and support of our Symphony and its contributions to the social and cultural fabric of our City. Mary McCormick was quoted “it is wonderful that as Rotarians we can be ambassadors for the MSO.”


The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra is hoping to open its Grand Theatre in time for the Democratic National Convention in July of 2020. It will be ready for their 2020-21 season.