October 2017 WAVES Newsletter
Scholar Corner – Marquise Mays

I always heard that four of college will go fast. It is so surreal to believe that this is true. The past four years at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have groomed, transformed and evolved me in many ways. Whether it be the red pen marks from my journalism professors; saying yes way too many times; the search for Chicago-styled steak fries; or the anxiety that you get when you mark the same letter answer for five questions on your scantron, I would not change one thing about my experience here.


Marquise Mays


One attribute that I am walking away with is the confidence that I gained. This confidence didn’t come easy as it wasn’t until this year where I felt semi-comfortable in the journalism work that I was producing and the impact that I had on the campus community. While this inner belief did not come until later in my college career, the external factors that fueled my drive to challenge myself even harder, were the communities and programs that I inhabited.


Even before I stepped foot on campus as a freshman, the Rotary Club of Milwaukee supported me and allowed me to discover my own path. Their consistent social and financial support to my education has influenced my passion for academia and has encouraged me to continue to pursue higher education. Communities and groups like the Rotary Club of Milwaukee remind me that I have come so far and that this is only the beginning of the impact I will have on the world.