Rotary Reaches $250,000 Arboretum Preservation Fund Goal

The Rotary Club of Milwaukee is pleased to announce the successful completion of its $250,000 Milwaukee Rotary Centennial Arboretum fundraising goal. 


It was always part of the plan to provide a Preservation Fund to fund maintenance and upkeep of our centennial gift to the community. $100,000 of Rotary’s original $400,000 gift was designated to seed the Preservation Fund. Pieter Godfrey also pledged $100,000.


After the opening of the Arboretum in 2013, RCM then stepped up with a goal of raising $250,000 for the Preservation Fund– and at the luncheon on March 25, RCM Preservation Fund Campaign Chairs Charlie James and JoAnne Anton announced the goal had been surpassed with 170 donations from Rotarians, ranging from $25 to $25,000. 73 donors made gifts of $1,500 or larger - as a result of their generosity, we have 73 new Harry Franke Fellows, as well!  


The Urban Ecology Center has committed to raising $3 million in 10 years for a total Preservation Fund of $3 million. Funds will be managed by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation (GMF) and distributions will be consistent with GMF policy. A three person advisory committee for the fund will consist of one advisor from Rotary, one from Urban Ecology Center, and a third person agreed to by both Boards.


Thank you to our Preservation Fund Campaign Cabinet and all our donors for stepping up to ensure the future of this urban refuge! We owe special thanks to our dedicated Preservation Fund Campaign chairs JoAnne Anton, Charlie James and Jill Pelisek. In recognition of their contributions, the Club has made JoAnne, Charlie and Jill Paul Harris Fellows.