Progress Continues on Johnsons Park Initiative

Rotarians continue to work in partnership with the Center for Resilient Cities and other groups to move the Greater Johnsons Park Initiative forward. This initiative will transform 19 acres in Lindsay Heights, improving green space and community resources to help this historic, central city neighborhood thrive.


The Johnsons Park project remains on  schedule, with full completion targeted for September 2015. Milwaukee County Architecture and Engineering plans to begin demolition of the old park pavilion on October 6th, and we hope to generate some media buzz by inviting county and neighborhood partners to “swing a sledgehammer.”


Examples of the benches and bike docking to be installed

Renovations will upgrade and add facilities that promote recreation, arts and community, and will include: improved sports practice fields, tree-lined pathways for better walking and running; new, energy-efficient lighting; and new benches and bicycle racks. The Center for Resilient Cities has ordered three bike docking stations and four benches customized with the County Parks oak leaf logo, and anticipates installation this fall.


Fundraising remains strong. The Greater Milwaukee Foundation has invited the Center for Resilient Cities to submit a full proposal for $100,000, and if the full funding request is granted, the shortfall between fundraising and the full campaign goal will be less than $175,000.


The club thanks all of the donors to the Johnsons Park Initiative, and all the Rotarians who have worked to keep up the fundraising momentum.