Rotary Announces Significant Gift to Johnsons Park

At Rotary on March 18th, Past President Rick White announced a gift of $100,000 to the Johnsons Park Initiative from the RCM Community Trust.


Rotary has been involved in the Lindsay Heights neighborhood, home of Johnsons Park, for many years. From RCM’s founding of Feeding America, to our ongoing presence as volunteer tutors in Brown Street Academy and helping to renovate the school’s playground last year, Rotarians have long believed in the neighborhood. 


Rotarian Susan Lloyd  was also on hand to announce a gift of $250,000 from the Zilber Family Foundation, and noted the endeavor was especially meaningful to the Foundation because “it is a catalytic project in the neighborhood that Joe Zilber called home.”


Rick hinted that other significant Johnsons Park contributions are forthcoming from community organizations, and promised to share further fundraising success stories over next weeks and months.


RCM’s $100,000 gift will be fulfilled through the Andrew Bell Grant. Andrew Bell, a past member of the RCM and a tree surgeon by trade, entrusted his fellow Rotarians to honor his legacy by expanding the club’s works in the community.  The RCM Community Trust was the recipient of a substantial bequest to be used in bettering the Milwaukee community. 


Please see the Spotlight on the RCM Community Trust in the April 2014 edition of this newsletter for more information on the Johnsons Park Initiative.