RCM Creates New Inclusion, Racial Equity & Jobs Committee

By Kent Lovern


Kent Lovern announces the formation of the Inclusion, Racial Equity & Jobs committee at Rotary on January 20th.

Our region has many assets that others do not.  We all know, however, that one shortcoming of our community is the separation of many of our residents based on race and economic class.  Too many of our fellow Milwaukeeans are disconnected from our economic marketplace.  Despite a number of efforts underway right now, the gap remains too wide and, if not addressed, will prevent us from reaching our full potential as a community.


For several months now, the board of directors has been discussing how we can help connect economic opportunities to more of our residents, and last week we voted to make this a formal priority of our club.  I am pleased to chair the resulting new committee: Inclusion, Racial Equity & Jobs.


The people who comprise the membership of our club are uniquely positioned to make a difference in this area.  We have  club members who are willing and ready to train and hire good  workers and members who have workers anxious to find good jobs.   Our hope is to bring to bear our collective resources and influence to develop an impactful strategy that leverages greater economic connectivity in our region.


The first meeting of the Inclusion, Racial Equity and Jobs committee was Tuesday, January 27th.  If you are interested in learning more about the committee, please contact me or the Rotary office.