Farewell from President Kathie

With spring finally here, the Rotary year is ending. This means my  time as President of    this organization is  also ending.  I approach the end of this service with mixed emotions.  On the one hand it will be nice to not always sit at    the head table but mingle with other Rotarian colleagues.  And of course there is the issue of reclaiming some of my time.


But there is also a sense of loss.  I have truly enjoyed leading this Club.  We have accomplished so much this year:  opening of the Arboretum, spearheading a resurgence in Johnson’s Park, funding the Milwaukee Rotary Centennial Arboretum Preservation Fund so it is on a firm basis going forward, increasing the number of scholarships, committing to the War Memorial renovation project and initiating a sustainable international project in Guatemala.


When my grandson Oliver, was three he explained to me as we drove across the Hoan Bridge that a “view” was what you had when you were up high and could see all around.  That is a fit metaphor for standing behind the podium every week at Rotary. It is a very special view. I have the privilege to look around and see outstanding leaders who live the Four Way Test and accomplish amazing things for this community and the world.


I am immensely proud of this organization and to have had the opportunity to serve.  You can count on me to be an active and committed Rotarian going forward.  Also, I leave this role with a deep sense of gratitude to the Board of Directors, committee chairs and members and our outstanding staff, Mary and Liz.  Without the dedication and competence of these folks this would not be the Club it is.


On June 24, John Bernaden will assume leadership of the Rotary Club of Milwaukee. I know he will be a strong leader for our club and encourage you to give him the support you have given me.  I look forward to being a continuing presence in the life of the Rotary Club of Milwaukee.


With gratitude for all you do,

Kathie Eilers, President 2013-14