Home Hosted Dinners - Join Us!

The Member Engagement Committee is always looking for new ways to engage Rotarians and strengthen their bond to the Club. To encourage Rotarians and guests to connect outside of Tuesday luncheons in an informal setting the committee created RCM’s Home Hosted Dinners.


Rotarians mixed and mingled during RCM’s Home Hosted Dinners.


Since our first set of home hosted dinners in April 2016, we have had over 100 people participate in seven parties on two evenings. By signing you and a guest up to attend, you will be assigned to gather for dinner in the home of one of our Rotary hosts. Parties range from intimate gatherings as small as six people to larger socials with up to 30 people.


Our next set of Home Hosted Dinners will be on Friday, April 21st. Contact the Rotary office with questions and to register.