Rotarians Making a Difference at RCM Partner Schools

At the Rotary Club of Milwaukee’s partner schools, Brown Street Academy and Oliver Wendell Holmes, Rotarians are putting in their time and talent to truly make a difference. 

Recent Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) scores from Brown Street Academy, where Rotary is heading up a Reading Initiative under the coordination of Barbara Velez, have shown great literacy improvement. Barbara reviewed the MAP scores for students in grades 2-5 who took both the Fall and Winter MAP tests at Brown Street Academy, and overall, the four grades showed a remarkable 83% improvement in their MAP scores from the Fall to Winter testing!


And at Oliver Wendell Holmes, Principal Patrick Chatman recently reached out to thank Rotarians John Ridley, Roger Schroeder and Dave McClurg for their efforts at the school:

“I firmly believe that your effort and involvement contributed to our school making gains on the Department of Instruction state report card for schools for the 2012-2013 school year.  When I was assigned to O.W. Holmes School in the fall of 2012, the school was listed as a school that ‘failed to meet expectations’ for 2011-2012.  Now we are making gains towards improvement because of your involvement through the Rotary Club.”


These positive reports from both RCM partner schools show that the efforts of Rotary mentors, tutors and volunteers are making a measurable difference for Milwaukee children.