Conversation with Beth Heller and Matt Hunter, Co-chairs of the Recruitment and Admission Committee

WAVES: Why did you join the recruitment and admission committee?


Beth: I joined the committee because I really enjoy the people on the committee – they are a lot of fun! I also joined because, as a strategist, I understand that the make-up of our members is critical to the success of our club. We are leaders making a difference, and we need to continually engage new and experienced leaders in order to stay relevant and healthy as a club.


WAVES: Do you have to be on the committee to propose someone for membership?


Matt: We’re always looking to expand the number of people on this committee that meets the first Tuesday of every month at 1:15 pm. However, you don’t need to join the committee to engage in the recruiting process. You can propose a member at any time!


WAVES: Who are good prospects for Rotary membership?


Beth: Invite people who are leaders in their industry, who you believe have influence either by their position, or perhaps by recognition or an award. We also are looking for people who care about and are involved in the community.


WAVES: Why should we invite someone to Rotary?


Matt: Being proposed felt good and we each have the power to share that good feeling with someone else. For a short time, we have an incentive to encourage prospects to take action and join. Between now and June 30th we will waive half of the admission fee, bringing it from $500 to $250!


WAVES: Any final comments?


Beth and Matt: We ask you to help us strengthen the club and meet our strategic goals by offering a great opportunity to friend or someone in your business network to join the Rotary Club of Milwaukee. Call or email either of us or the Rotary office with any questions.