Rotaract Attends Rotary’s UN Day

Rotaract Club of Milwaukee members Renato Geromel Jr. and Nina Oldroyd had the great honor of attending Rotary Day at the United Nations on November 12th in New York City.  The one-day event celebrates Rotary’s international efforts and its longstanding relationship with the UN.


Renato Geromel Jr. and Nina Oldroyd


The program covered the rise of social businesses, highlighting for-profit enterprises with a humanitarian mission. They emphasized the importance of understanding that successful and sustainable economic development must involve women and girls. They discussed the importance of collaboration across government, business, and civil society partnerships.


Renato and Nina had the privilege of listening to keynote speaker John F. Germ, Rotary International’s 2016-2017 President. In addition to update on Rotary’s polio eradication efforts by Reza Hossaini, UNICEF’s Chief of Polio.


The Rotaract Club of Milwaukee would like to thank the A.D. Robertson Fund for the United Nations, a fund within the RCM Community Trust, for sponsoring their attendance at UN Day. Renato and Nina said, “It was a great learning experience to network with fellow Rotaractors and Rotarians throughout the country and world. The concept of "adding profit by adding purpose" is a valuable message that we can apply as members if Rotaract and in our daily lives.”