Meet the 2014-15 RCM Scholars

This spring we received over 60 very strong applications from Milwaukee high school seniors. After a round of interviews, the committee elected to extend financial support and mentoring to five new scholars:


Ronisha Howard     
High School: Ronald Reagan IB High School
College: UW-Oshkosh
Anticipated Major: Nursing/Biology

In high school, Ronisha participated in community service at Milwaukee College Prep and other organizations, and founded the Ronald Reagan IB High School Cheerleading Squad and the African American Club. Ronisha wants to become an OB/GYN, eventually opening her own clinic serving underprivileged women.


Juan Macias     

High School: Saint Thomas More High School
College: Milwaukee School of Engineering
Anticipated Major: Nursing

Juan arrived in the U.S. when he was 9 after spending his early childhood in Mexico. He is proud to be bilingual and bicultural, and credits the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, passed during his junior year, with giving him renewed hope and motivation to attend higher education and pursue a career as a nurse practitioner.


Marquise Mays    
High School: Riverside
College: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Anticipated Major: Journalism

Marquise says his overall goal is to make a difference in the lives of others and create more educational opportunities for African Americans. He hopes to become a political correspondent.


Jocelyn Rocha      
High School: Saint Thomas More High School
College: Alverno College
Anticipated Major: Nursing

Jocelyn has made volunteering a priority, giving credit to her parents for teaching her the value of giving back. She has served with the Guadalupe Head Start program and is very involved with her church, teaching Saturday catechism and leading activities at the children’s summer camp.


Andrew Zuniga    
High School: Pulaski High School
College: Northern Michigan
Anticipated Major: Pre-Med 

Having experienced the loss of his grandmother and his father during high school, Andrew wants to become a doctor to give others more time with their loved ones. He got a head start in the medical field by volunteering for his school’s blood drive.


RCM Scholarships include two named scholarships this year:


Aaliyah Rodgers
Gordon & Elizabeth Smith Scholar    

UW-Madison, Nursing

Gordon & Elizabeth Smith Scholar Aaliyah flourished freshman year, doubling her classes second semester and finishing stronger than first  semester. This success didn’t come without long study hours and T.A. office hours, though.


Kelsey Wilkerson
Bill Adams Scholar  
UW-Madison, Marketing/ Textile Apparel Design
Kelsey spent the Spring 2014 semester at Madison Area Technical College, but is returning to UW-Madison this Fall with a new major in Textile & Apparel  Design. He says he has learned that finding the right people with which to study is essential for success. Bill Adams was one of Kelsey’s mentors before he passed away; this year Kelsey is the first recipient of the Bill Adams Scholarship. 


The committee was also pleased to continue support for 16 other returning scholars. They are:


Mayra Alaniz    
Georgetown University, Social Welfare/Public Policy/Pre-Law
Mayra relished the independence and freedom of leaving home for her first year at Georgetown, but didn’t want to leave behind the people and ideas important to her here at home – a feeling she likened to her family’s immigrant history.


Jasmine Bray      
Mount Mary College, Nursing
Jasmine worked hard to balance her home life, job, and coursework, and described her Junior year with the words: “perseverance, over-commitment, challenging, and changes.” She is proud of getting through a tough year and has big plans for the next one!


Jade Brown      
Marquette, Nursing
Facing higher level course levels, Jade found herself leaning on her classmates and Rotary scholarship mentors more for extra help. By reaching out, she was also able to find new opportunities for possible internships.


Daniela Cortes      
Columbia College Chicago, Graphic Communications
Dani decided to transfer to Columbia College Chicago to pursue becoming a documentary filmmaker. She wants to impact her community and the way people see the world through her film work.


Armonie Dotson      
UW-Madison, Biomedical Engineering
During the course of Armonie’s first year at college, she worked hard to develop better study methods that catered to each class, and grow as a young adult newly away from home.


Tim Hall      
UW-Madison, Biology (Pre-Med)
Tim focused almost entirely on school work last year, leaving little time to relax and socialize  with his family and friends. He plans to work on  balancing these two facets better next year.


Brandon Holmes     
UW-Oshkosh, Political Science/History
Brandon enjoyed his involvement with the Black Student Union, International Students Association, and Oshkosh Student Association. He also took action in finding extra help with his language course, a difficult requirement for him. 


Deja’ Hoskin      
UW-Whitewater, Criminal Justice
Deja’ joined a “learning community” - living and attending 3 classes per semester with other students hoping to pursue a career in the legal field. She enjoyed the sense of community and said it made group projects and studying for exams much easier.


Amy Lavender      
UW-Madison, Psychology
Amy says she developed into a better writer through the higher expectations of college professors, and she reached out to tutors and study groups to help her succeed.


Carla Lopez
Alverno, Marketing
Faced with a challenging accounting course, Carla reached out for help and succeeded when she thought she couldn’t. She found a new liking  for accounting and is proud of herself for reaching out.


Jessica Ortiz
UW-Whitewater, Criminal Justice

Jessica treasures her trip to Paris last year to learn about Parisian history and art. She struggled a bit with time management but is ready for a successful year in 2014-15.


Markesha Parker
UW-Platteville, Engineering
Markesha received the Chancellor’s Medallion Leadership Award and is looking forward to finishing her last semester at Platteville with a bang. As the first in her family that will receive a college degree, this December will be very special.


Frenchie Randolph     
Cardinal Stritch, Special Needs Education
Frenchie took several challenging courses, pushing her to work with tutors and the profesSor to pass. She learned to concentrate on her  studies more often if she wants to achieve her goal of becoming a teacher.


Aniyah Stubblefield     
Mount Mary College, Sonography & Nursing
Aniyah faced a bump in the road during her first year when she had to go on medical leave for a health condition, but she is determined to manage her time and health more effectively next year with the help of her friends and family.


Destiny Thomas     
UW-Whitewater, Forensic Science/Criminal Justice
Destiny was forced to steer away from her shy tendencies this year, participating in class discussions and networking. She is enjoying the freedom and experiences of attending a school a little further from home.


Natasha Todd      
Marquette, Nursing
Natasha really enjoyed starting clinical rotations this past year, making new friends and applying the concepts she learned in class. She reached out to the Marquette College of Nursing mentor program, which she has found very helpful with advice and guidance.


Ariel Wyatt       
UW-Oshkosh, Nursing
Ariel is looking forward to starting clinicals this fall and has taken Pharmacology this summer in order to lessen the workload when school starts.    She is proud of her successes thus far and is passionate about becoming a neonatal unit nurse.


Congratulations to all our RCM Scholars, and thank you to the mentors and RCM Scholarship Committee for their work.