Spotlight on the Good Works of the RCM Community Trust: Future Milwaukee Program

The Rotary Club of Milwaukee has been involved with community leadership program Future Milwaukee for many years. In fact, Past President Bill Randall was one of the founders of the program in 1977. Originally operated as an independent corporation, in 2005 Future Milwaukee aligned itself with the College of Professional Studies at Marquette. For over 35 years, participants have been making an impact on the Greater Milwaukee area  through their leadership positions in government, business, education, religious and non-profit institutions.

For the last 11 years, RCM has offered a fellowship to a Future Milwaukee graduate, chosen by the Community Leadership and Development committee. The fellowship is for a 3-year membership in the Rotary Club of Milwaukee, with the expectation that the fellow will participate as a full Rotary member – attending lunches, participating on committees, volunteering – and continue as a Rotarian after the fellowship ends. The goal is to foster an active relationship between Future Milwaukee and Rotary.


Ann NavinAnn Navin, Rotary’s 2012 Future Milwaukee Fellow, says: “I’m so glad I pursued the fellowship opportunity, even though at the time I didn’t know much about Rotary.  As I’ve learned over the last 2 ½ years, Future Milwaukee and Rotary share the same vision. FM participants and Rotarians are passionate about Milwaukee and building a strong, healthy community. Both organizations are greater than the sum of their parts, due in large part to the commitment and leadership of the participants. It’s a valuable partnership.”


In an effort to strengthen ties between the two organizations, the CLD committee has worked to make it easier for more people to apply to the fellowship - it is now open to current Future Milwaukee students and alumni from the last 5 years. You can find the application linked here

Rotary also hosted a FM session in October, and we are excited to have Christine Hill, the FM Executive Director, as a new Rotarian and member of the CLD committee.


Jessica BolingAnd in recent years, the club has offered 50% Future Milwaukee scholarships to Rotaract members, funded by the RCM Community Trust. Jessica Boling, our current Future Milwaukee scholarship recipient, says: "Future Milwaukee has been a great way for me to experience Milwaukee from a unique perspective. Additionally, I have had the chance to explore and grow new interpersonal skills  in a safe environment. The program pushes you in all the right ways; to those uncomfortable points you couldn't get to on your own but you know you need in order to be a better leader for your community." 


RCM is excited to continue partnering with Future Milwaukee to build great leaders and Rotary connections. If you are interested in learning about Rotarians’ personal experiences in Future Milwaukee,  our club is full of FM Alumni, including:


Christy Brown
Kevin Carr
Joe Dannecker
Al Durtka
Dan Fetterley
Patty Flowers
Deborah Fugenschuh
Jim Gormley
Dick Hackl
Erin Hareng
Kristine Hinrichs
Megan Holbrook
Ron Kuramoto
Vincent Lyles
Paul Mathews
Mary McCormick
Chris Meyer
Karine Moreno-Taxman
George Mosher
Tim Posnanski
Joan Prince
Terry Rice
Rob Sholl
Thelma Sias
Tracy Sparrow
Heather Turner Loth
Dan Vliet
Wendell Willis