Paying Your Dues


The Rotary Club of Milwaukee makes it easy to pay your dues on a timely basis.
1. Credit Cards  Click here to pay your dues right now.
If you would like to have the office securely save your credit card info and automatically charge your card at the time of billing, click here.
2. ACH  To sign up for ACH so that your checking account is automatically charged at the time of billing, click here.
3. Check   Make your check payable to Rotary Club of Milwaukee:
                                Rotary Club of Milwaukee
                                750 N. Lincoln Memorial Dr.  #320
                                Milwaukee, WI 53202
Monthly Payment Plans
Some members prefer to pay monthly by ACH or credit card.  If you would like to set up a monthly payment plan, please call the Rotary office at 414.276.4425 or email