Rotary Club of Milwaukee Membership
When you join Rotary, each Tuesday you’ll be able to come together with your Rotary friends at the War Memorial Center for lunch and to learn about the key issues affecting our community–the largest weekly gathering in the metro Milwaukee area. You’ll hear from business, civic and political leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists and sports and entertainment icons. You’ll learn about international affairs, public policy and have the chance to witness live political debates.
Like most members of Rotary, you probably won’t be able to get here every Tuesday. But when you do get here, you’re sure to leave with a new acquaintance, a fresh experience, or some new information. 
You’ll be part of a group of Rotarians that make great things happen. And of course, you’ll have fun! At our monthly socials, LIVE @ the Lakefront, or other events, you’ll enjoy the camaraderie that is Rotary.
RCM is continually looking for new members who are leaders in their professions and committed to service in the community. We look for “quality people from quality organizations.” We focus on people who have demonstrated leadership in their profession and in the community. Some are senior leaders, others are emerging leaders within their organizations. 
Membership is by invitation so a prospective member must be proposed by a current member. Once an individual has decided to apply for membership, a proposal form is submitted by a member on behalf of the applicant. After review by the Membership committee, members must be accepted by vote of the Board of Directors. This process can take as little as a month, or as much as several months.

For more information on membership: