RCM Community Trust
By connecting people and resources...

…Rotarians make a difference in communities here and around the globe. For fifty years, generous donations to the RCM Community Trust have made communities better places to live, learn, work, love and play.


The RCM Community Trust supports projects that make a difference and produce significant and sustainable outcomes. Some examples include the Milwaukee Rotary Amphitheater, the Milwaukee Rotary Centennial Arboretum, the Brown Street Academy Schoolyard, Johnsons Park and the War Memorial Center’s Operation Renew. Trust funds have built bridges and water project in Guatemala, provided scholarships to more than 40 students and supported reading programs in local grade schools. And more.


Why Contribute to the RCM Community Trust
  • The connection of people and resources is necessary for the club to undertake significant projects and maintain its reputation as an organization of leaders making a difference.
  • Funds designated for international efforts can match funds from Rotary International, allowing for bigger, better and bolder projects.
  • Through designated gifts or through named funds such as those for scholarships or international projects can have a lasting impact in exactly the way the donor would like.
  • The trust is a permanent fund. Contributions made today will continue to have an impact for years to come.
  • The funds within the RCM Community Trust are professionally managed, and oversight is provided by a trustee who is an officer of the club, an investment advisory committee, and the RCM Board of Directors.


If not RCM then who will step forward to make a difference? Please contact us for more information on how you can contribute to the RCM Community Trust.


Members of the RCM have the opportunity to contribute to the Trust with the semi-annual dues statements or at any other time. Legacy gifts are encouraged and the Trust can easily accommodate named funds for purposes compatible with the work of Rotary. In 2011, RCM created a recognition program similar to the Paul Harris Fellowship. Named in honor of past president and past district governor Harry Franke, the Harry Franke Fellowship honors those who have given $1,000 or more to the main fund of the RCM Community Trust.


Please note that the RCM Community Trust does not accept unsolicited grant proposals.