RCM Community Trust

The RCM Community Trust was created in 1968 by Rotarians to provide financial support RCM’s projects in our community. Thanks to the continued generosity of our members, the RCM Trust now totals over $2 million.  


Rotarians are involved in local projects that support the environment, education, military service and leadership development. For more information on current projects, please see the pages in the “Community” section of our website.



In addition to the main fund, the Trust has a number of specially endowed funds created by Rotarians.

  • The A.D. Robertson Fund for the United Nations is a fund within the Trust created in honor of Past President Robbie Robertson by his family. The purpose of the fund is to enhance understanding of the work that the U.N. undertakes around the globe and, in particular to promote Rotary’s longstanding partnership with the U.N. The A.D. Robertson Fund has brought internationally acclaimed speakers to Milwaukee to address the club and the wider community.
  •  Most recently, the Philip W. Orth Family Fund was created by a significant donation from the estate of Phil and Mariette Orth.  Philip W. Orth joined RCM in 1947, became RCM president 1954-55 and District Governor 1961-62.  The bequest was made without restrictions, allowing RCM to expand its international good works. The first-ever Orth Grant was made to Engineers Without Borders to benefit its circuit rider program in Guatemala.
  •  The Trust was the recipient of a substantial bequest – about $15,000 annually in perpetuity – from past club member Andrew Bell. Mr. Bell entrusted his fellow Rotarians to honor his legacy by expanding the important work we do in the community. The first Andrew Bell Grant was awarded to restore the playground at Brown Street Academy, allowing us to make a $100,000 contribution over six years.


Members of the RCM have the opportunity to contribute to the Trust with the semi-annual dues statements or at any other time. Legacy gifts are encouraged and the Trust can easily accommodate named funds for purposes compatible with the work of Rotary. In 2011, RCM created a recognition program similar to the Paul Harris Fellowship. Named in honor of past president and past district governor Harry Franke, the Harry Franke Fellowship honors those who have given $1,000 or more to the main fund of the RCM Community Trust.


Please note that the RCM Community Trust does not accept unsolicited grant proposals.