June 2019 CONNECTING Newsletter
Spotlight on the RCM Community Trust: RCM Touches Young Lives through the World Affairs Program

The World Affairs Seminar (WAS) is an international
youth initiative led by Rotary International District
6270 here in southeastern Wisconsin. The vision is
to bring better understanding of world problems to
young people from around the globe, using current
issues as a learning platform.

In the course of this study, the WAS provides opportunities
for participants to discuss issues with other
young people from around the world.
Emphasis is placed on promoting better understanding
of the causes of international conflict. The idea is if
the causes are understood and solutions developed in
a cooperative environment, problems are more likely
to be solved peacefully.

Started in 1977 as the brainchild of Rotarian Dr. Dale
Brock, the program now has over 30,000 alumni living
all over the globe. RCM members Jim Dorman, Bill
Coleman, Steve Chevalier and Joe Caruso serve on the
WAS board.

Each year, the seminar is organized around a timely
and significant theme. In 2019, the theme is “The
Promise and Perils of Social Media.” Participants will
consider social media’s impact from many points of
view and engage in relevant off-site experiences to
stimulate discussion.

They will collaborate with delegates from around the
world to define social media issues and challenges in
an atmosphere of respect, trust, and collaboration,
and discover what can be done to use social media
to make the changing world a better, safer place for
ethical, respectful dialogue and engagement.

Ten deserving students from the Milwaukee area will have
the opportunity to attend the 2019 World Affairs Seminar
(WAS) from June 22nd – June 28th at Carroll University
thanks to a contribution of $5,900 from the RCM Community

To learn more about the World Affairs Seminar visit
www.worldaffairsseminar.org today.