August 2019 CONNECTING Newsletter
Spotlight on the RCM Community Trust: Clean Water for Chupoj3

The community of Chupoj3 in Guatemala lacks clean drinking water for its approximately 720 residents.  Currently, the community is using rainwater catchment during the rainy season and purchasing expensive trucked-in water during the dry season.  They twice attempted to drill a well for a new water supply, but due to the igneous nature of the bedrock, it was unsuccessful even at a depth of 1000 feet.

Chupoj3 and the surrounding municipality of Chiche requested assistance from Engineers Without Borders (EWB) to design and fund a functioning water system.   The community purchased two springs located 450 meters below the community, and the new system will pump the water using an electrical pump through a conduction line to a storage tank.  The water will then be distributed to the 120 homes using gravity distribution piping.  Training for community residents in sanitation methods is also included.

Key elements were funded locally.   The Municipality of Chiche paid for the spring boxes, pump station and conduction piping.  The village of Chupoj3 is providing volunteer labor to install conduction piping up the mountain and to dig trenches by hand for distribution piping within the community. A local hardware store donated $10,000 of materials.

But there was still a need to raise $90,000.  To make this vision a reality the Rotary Club of Milwaukee (RCM) collaborated with our partners EWB-USA, the Vista Hermosa Rotary Club (VHRC) and District 4250 in Guatemala, and other Wisconsin Rotary Clubs. Here is a quick summary of the funding sources:

$16,000           Rotary Club of Milwaukee
$22,500           Other Rotary Clubs *

$51,500           The Rotary Foundation


Elkhorn, Elmbrook, Fond du Lac Sunrise, Fox Cities Morning, Mitchell Field, Mukwonago, Oshkosh, Waukesha Sunrise, Whitnall, Vista Hermosa-Guatemala City. THANK YOU!

As evidenced in the attached photos, work is progressing rapidly with an anticipated completion date of September 30th.