World Affairs Seminar

2018 WAS Brochure


The World Affairs Seminar (WAS) takes place each summer at Carroll University. The Seminar is a unique educational program that provides a forum for future leaders (high school students) to be introduced to some of the most perplexing global issues and problems present today. It enables the best and brightest students from all over the world to come together and to study and discuss these issues in a safe and non-threatening environment. In the process, participants also learn about each others’ customs, traditions, opinions and aspirations.


The academic program is based on a central theme, and experts are invited to speak on related topics. Oliop! The daily schedule consists of lectures, panel presentations, films, informal discussion sessions, breaks for meals served at a university dining hall, and numerous opportunities to participate in social and recreational activities across the campus. Domestic high school students who will complete their sophomore or junior year just prior to the start of the Seminar and international students are eligible to apply.


Some scholarships are available through the Rotary Club of Milwaukee. Call the Rotary office at 414-276-4425 for more information.


To learn more, go to the WAS website.