Named Legacy Scholarships

Through the generosity of individuals and families, endowed named scholarships ensure that future generations of students will be supported by the Scholarship Program. Thank you to the following people for their inspiring devotion to education and their generosity.


Bill Adams Scholarship

Bill was a long-time Rotarian and co-founder of the RCM Scholarship Program.  He enjoyed a long career with Pieper Power.  His family and friends created this scholarship in his honor after he passed away in 2013.



Jim and Judy Ford Scholarship

As active participants in the RCM Scholarship Program since its inception in 2009, Jim and Judy saw first-hand the benefits of providing financial and mentoring assistance to the RCM scholars.  This inspired them to create the Jim and Judy Ford Scholarship.  Jim has been a Rotarian since 1976 and has enjoyed many meaningful experiences including participating in Group Study Exchanges with Taiwan and Sweden.



Kara Lovell Scholarship

Mrs. Kara Lovell, an MPS teacher for over 35 years, believes that all children can learn given appropriate resources, good teaching methodology and the recognition that racism and poverty cannot keep a person with great determination from achieving.  The scholarship, created by an anonymous donor, is awarded to an MPS graduate who intends to become a teacher.




Gordon and Elizabeth Smith Scholarship

Tom and Genie Smith created a scholarship in honor of Tom’s parents.  “They were firm believers in strong public education systems.”  Tom said.  His father was a member of Rotary for 30 years, and a past-president; he always appreciated the good that Rotary did in the community.




James I. Miller III Scholarship

Jim Miller created a scholarship in honor of his son, James I. Miller III, who passed away in 2012.  Jim was a driving force behind the creation of the RCM Scholarship Program.





Mary and Bill Herd & Rozena Baker Barber Scholarship

Inspired by their parents’ emphasis on education, Jackie Herd-Barber and Michael Barber endowed a fund in their parents’ name to support an African American graduate of MPS who intends to pursue a career in science, technology, engineering, math or teaching.




Rotary Leadership Fund Scholarship

Inspired by a gift from Steve Chevalier and the Zilber Family Foundation to honor Steve’s term as President of the Board, this fund is growing through gifts from other past and present members of the Board of Directors to honor the service of the Board of Directors.

Bill Adams Scholarship
Jim & Judy Ford Scholarship
Kara Lovell Scholarship
Gordon & Elizabeth Smith Scholarship
James I. Miller III Scholarship
Rotary Leadership Fund Scholarship
Bill & Mary Herd and Rozena Baker Barber Scholarship

Through a bequest in their estate plan, the following people have demonstrated the importance of education while ensuring that deserving students receive scholarships into the future.


[Photo of Kellmans]  Christy and Michael Kellman Scholarship

Christy and Michael Kellman have included the RCM Scholarship Program in their estate plans.