June 2018 CONNECTING Newsletter
Scholar Corner – Two Students Graduated This May

This May two of our scholars graduated after years of mentoring and financial support from the RCM Scholarship Program. Congratulations to the graduates below!


Aniyah Stubblefield
Mount Mary University – Psychology
Mentor: Margaret Crawford


I am very grateful for the relationship I have formed with my mentor Margaret Crawford. She has truly become an important and influential person in my life. I really loved getting to know some of the other scholars as well. The events held for scholars such as the annual scholarship brunch, Rotary luncheons and the RCM Scholarship Golf Classic gave me the opportunity to socialize and network with people that I normal wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet.


My college experience had its ups and downs, but once I applied myself and took my work more seriously, I excelled in my coursework. I plan to take a year off to work and establish more real-world experience. I also plan to enroll in post-baccalaureate courses to prepare me for my future education and career goals. In the meantime, I am applying for programs for School Counseling, with hope of being accepted into a program by Spring or Summer of the 2019-2020 school year.


Brandon Holmes
UW-Oshkosh – Political Science and History
Mentors: Jim Miller and Art Wasserman


The RCM Scholarship Program is one of the best programs in Milwaukee for aspiring college graduates and professionals. Rotary has not only assisted me financially, but more importantly provided me with great mentorship. The major takeaways from my experience in college focuses on a few key words: adversity, persistency, and resiliency. I entered college with hopes of leaving as a professional, and I believe I’ve reached that goal with the help of Rotary.


Looking toward the future, I have many aspirations in regards to making a better world for my family. I hope to be involved within the international community through a federal agency or the United Nations. I also have a great interest in returning to Milwaukee to helping the underprivileged and underrepresented. Overall, my experience with the Rotary Club of Milwaukee has been one to remember and it helps promote the future generations.