February 2020 CONNECTING Newsletter
Scholar Corner – Alexus Edwards

My name is Alexus Edwards and I am a junior at UW-Madison majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I love the idea of creating new technology to help the medical field become more advanced. I am hoping to go down the biomaterial path as a specialty in the BME program.


This year I continue to participate in my sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, where I have connected with various girls from STEM backgrounds to those from journalism backgrounds. Through that sorority I am able to spend time with girls that share my same passion. I have joined the UW-First responders as an EMT at the UW-Police Department. Those two organizations keep my life pretty busy but provide me with a great support system and outlet from the academic world here at UW-Madison.


After, I succeed here at UW-Madison, I want to go on to medical school. From medical school I want go on to become a trauma surgeon and use the skills that I learned in engineering to do more research and create different practical procedure to make healthcare more efficient in the U.S.

This spring I will be studying at Budapest University of Technology and Economics to fulfill requirements of my Engineering degree in a unique setting.


All of these goals and experiences would not be practical without the help of this scholarship. The support from my mentors Maja Jurisic and Tim Hunter has been invaluable. I would not be here if I was not given the opportunity. I would have never joined a sorority and be able to participate in CASA which is an organization that I hold dear to my heart.