October 2017 WAVES Newsletter
Rotary’s Hurricane Relief Efforts – Thank You For Your Support!

We have all heard the stories and seen the photos of the dire conditions faced today by many people in the Caribbean, southern Texas and Florida. And it should be no surprise that Rotarians in these communities have stepped up to do all they can to bring immediate hurricane relief. It is also true that Rotarians will be working in some of these communities for years to come.


In response, RCM donated $5,000 to Rotary International’s relief efforts and $5,000 to the American Red Cross (Regional CEO Patty Flowers is a member of our club). Both organizations have worked tirelessly in recent weeks to bring help to those in need. In addition, 17 Rotarians and community members donated $5,150 to support Rotary’s relief efforts. This brings our total hurricane relief donation up to $15,150. Thank you all for your support!