World Community Service

The RCM World Community Service (WCS) Committee identifies and funds self-sustaining projects in third-world countries.


WCS is currently focused on projects in the Guatemala Highlands in partnership with Engineers Without Borders (EWB ). EWB is a consortium of practicing, professional engineers in Milwaukee with student chapters at UWM, Milwaukee School of Engineering, and Marquette University. In partnership with a local Guatemala NGO, EWB designs and constructs water systems, bridges, solar electric systems, and school buildings in rural Guatemala. Learn more about Rotary projects in Guatemala by watching our new video, produced by Roger Kay:



WCS is supported by the Philip W. Orth Family Fund within the RCM Community Trust, created by a significant donation from the estate of Phil and Mariette Orth.  Philip W. Orth joined RCM in 1947, became RCM president 1954-55 and District Governor 1961-62.  The bequest was made without restrictions, allowing RCM to expand its international good works. The first-ever Orth Grant was made in 2012 to Engineers Without Borders to benefit its circuit rider program in Guatemala.  In 2013, Orth funds supported the Global Grant project in Joyabaj.


In recent years WCS has also supported composting toilets in Haiti (through Youthaiti) and in Kenya (through HOPE Shelter Manufacturing), and an irrigation system for a farm at the McCorkindle orphanage in Manzini, Swaziland.  



View the Tenamaste 2015-16 Summary Reports at this link.