October 2017 WAVES Newsletter
“On the Table” Luncheon Discussion Prompts

In partnership with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, RCM will host an “On the Table” discussion during our luncheon on Tuesday, October 17th.

There will be no formal podium speaker on this date. Instead, a Rotarian host at each table will lead congenial conversations about various civic topics. The goal is to hear one another, and explore how we can build and sustain a stronger, more inclusive community.

Each table will cover the following topics:
Share something you love, or are proud of, about where you live
Each of us gives to our community –we give our time, talent and treasure. What can each of us do to help build stronger, more connected communities. Possible addition: What can we do together with organizations — giving our time, talent and treasure?
How can Rotary ensure that greater Milwaukee is a globally competitive, 21st century region? What are the strengths upon which we build?
If you could have all the resources and all the people needed to accomplish something to improve Milwaukee and our region, what would you undertake?
Let’s talk about next steps. How can we use the conversations to bring colleagues, friends and neighbors together to lead change across greater Milwaukee? What should or could we do next?

We hope the “On the Table” connections made on October 17th will lead to better understanding and lasting relationships. In fact, this will just be the start of yearly programming, incorporating ideas generated at this first event.

To suggest a guest or for more information about “On the Table”, please contact the Rotary office.