July 2017 WAVES Newsletter
No Rotary Dues Increase!
We are very glad to tell you that Rotary dues will not increase in 2017-18—in spite of a 15% mid-year increase in the cost of food and parking.  Only the cost of guest and exempt lunches will increase from $17.50 to $20.00.
We hope that you agree that Rotary membership is a very good value.  If one spreads the cost of membership over the year, the cost is less than $26 per week.  This includes lunch, parking, a great program and the opportunity to connect with fellow Rotarians on a weekly basis.  We offer monthly networking hours and Tyrotarian tours as well.  And that is just the beginning—we create a platform to make a difference in our community and around the globe.
We are grateful for our Rotating Sponsors and our Sustaining Members who provide additional revenue to the club. In addition, we appreciate all who actively recruit new members— the best strategy for insuring a strong and vibrant
Rotary Club.