Social Media and RCM

General Guidelines for All Rotarians


Social Media tools hold great potential to enhance member experience while complementing the work of club staff.


There is also the potential for a social media-related action to reflect poorly on our club.  Club members that use social media in connection with our club need to work to ensure that this doesn’t happen.  If you are in doubt about whether a specific posting is suitable, ask the staff for their advice or just don’t post it.  Examples of unacceptable practices include obscenity, political statements, religious statements and commercial promoting.  Rotary guidelines and policies such as the 4-way test provide additional direction. We want RCM's social media presence to build good will and better friendships!


Member discussion on pages needs to be respectfully worded.  For example, comments on speakers should keep in mind what the speaker’s reaction will be and the effect of comments on our ability to interest speakers in presenting to our club.


RCM’s Social Media Platforms


Social media is the use of a variety of Internet tools to network and expand communication.  It can take on many different forms, including Internet forums, social blogs, wikis, podcasts, video and social bookmarking.  At this time RCM will confine official social media efforts to Facebook , Twitter and Linked In.




Facebook Page Content Generators

RCM welcomes volunteers to become “Content Generators” for the page. Rotarians who volunteer to generate content for the RCM Facebook page must have their own Facebook account with which to log in. Content Generators will be posting as themselves on the RCM page to encourage discussion. Content Generators have the responsibility to encourage discussion, to be active on the page via regular postings, and to coordinate as needed with the Rotary office. 


Facebook Page Administration

The office staff will have responsibility for creating, monitoring and/or moderating the RCM Facebook page, deleting offensive content, and directing Rotarian content generators. Office staff will generate content relating to official RMC events such as luncheons, networking hours, and Tyrotarian events. 



Rotarians are encouraged to engage with Rotary on twitter using @mkerotary. Feel free to tweet about Rotary speakers, events and projects, as long as your tweets follow the guidelines above. When tweeting about the Milwaukee Rotary Centennial Arboretum, please use #mkearboretum. 



The RCM LinkedIn Group is by invitation-only. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, this is a place for members of the club to interact outside of the wider public. We encourage you to start and participate in discussions on any topics of interest.