Recent Rotary Guests

Here is the guest of Rotarians list for the Rotary program on Tuesday, March 21st:


  • Rick Luedke brought Guillermo Gutierrez.
  • Avi Lank brought Dannette Lank.
  • Nancy Sennett brought Trent Johnso.
  • Chris Corley brought Ashley Henderson.
  • Supporting our Communities through Greening our Schools project team brought Justin Hegarty and Tim Ehlinger.
  • The Grand Theater project team brought Erin Henry, Mark Niehaus, Pam Garvey  and Susan Loris.
  • The Milwaukee Public Library Learning Commons project team brought Dan Renouard, Hanna Gichard, Kristine Peterson, Valerie Lorenz, Mary Sprague , Eve Romersi, Nancy Hernandez and Dave Fondrie.
  • The Milwaukee Community Equestrian Center project team brought  Chief Ed Flynn, Assist. Chief Jim Harpole, Insp. Michael Brunson, Capt. Diana Rowe, Capt. Raymond Banks, Bruce Block, Harris Turer, Sam Williams and Jim Bendtsen.
  • The Rotary Grows team brought Keith Posley, Tonya Adair, Ruth Maegli, Gerald Pace, Rochelle Sandrin, Jan Haven, Travis Luzney, David Solik-Fifarek, Ashley Adsit, Marie Thompson, Denise Callaway, Andrew Nelson, John Linn and Jessica Das.