Recent Rotary Guests

Here is the guest of Rotarians list for the Rotary program on Tuesday, February 21st.


Visiting Rotarian Jim Cotturone  from the Rotary Club of Mukwanago.

Mario Costantini brought Janet Riordan and Cathy Costantini.    

Jessica Gatzke brought Fred Langer.

Jim Hunter brought Francis Vogel.

Karen Hung brought Larry Schmitt.

Darren Miller brought Chris Rautmann.

Darren Miller brought Wayne Wiertzema.

Bill Levit brought Missy Levit.

Bill Robison brought Mark Ernst.

Harry Drake brought Barbara Drake, Donald Menefee and Patricia Menefee.

Jennifer Sevenich brought Sarah Bailey.

Jim Kerlin brought Al Cervero, Rob Buettner and Bill King.

Christina Steder brought Jennifer Vallier.

Mark Kannenberg brought Tom Simon.

Tom Bentley brought Michael Breitbach.

Josh Sova brought Nick Gomez.