Recent Rotary Guests

Here is the guest of Rotarians list for the Rotary program on Tuesday, May 16th:


Milwaukee Armed Services committee brought SKCM Brian Fuller, SKC Richard Goodman, CDR Dan Somma, YN3 Tanya Kenney, GM2 Thomas Rauch, YN3 Nicholas Paoli, MK3 Daniel Candelaria, SKC Shellie Bagley, Jim Pittelkow, Candee Arndt, Tom Plantenberg and Tom Buck.

Gene Schmitz brought Bill Frazier, Paul Petterson, Gary Glojek, Ron Harriso and  Greg Molthen.

Jude Werra brought Jim Fridl.

Phil Vollrath brought Tara Kniep.

Mary McCormick brought Jay Scott.

Ed Rapee brought Lori Langholz.