July 2019 CONNECTING Newsletter
Member Contributions Grow the RCM Community Trust

Each month in this space we put the spotlight on a
particular program supported by the RCM Community
Trust and tell the story of how it is making difference.
But in this issue, we will tell the story of the Trust itself.
Founded in 1968 with a transfer of $12,248 from the
Rotary Club of Milwaukee, today the Trust is valued at
over $3,700,000—the growth exclusively from members
or gifts made in honor of a member.


From modest beginnings, the Trust boasts eleven
endowed funds. Those who find financial calculations
thrilling may be interested to know that annual
distributions from each fund are 4.5% of the rolling
three-year average. Here are some quick facts:


Main Account
Current Value: $2.3 million
Annual distributions $110,000
Supports much of the local charitable work of the
club. Recent examples include: Reading is Fundamental,
HKE MKE, outdoor learning at the Urban Ecology
Center, Milwaukee Soldiers Home, the Grand Theater,
Milwaukee Film, River Revitalization Foundation, Veteran’s
Sailing Program, Feeding America and America’s
Black Holocaust Museum.


A.D. Robertson Fund for the United Nations
Current Value: $257,000
Annual distributions $12,000
Established by Robertson Family to promote education
about work the United Nations and the important
relationship between Rotary and the UN. Example gifts
include: stipends for Rotaract members to attend Rotary
Day at the UN, funding of UN connected speakers
at Rotary and in the community.


Philip Orth Family Fund
Current Value: $336,000
Annual distributions $15,000
Established through the estate of Phil and Mariette Orth
to support the local and international work of the club.
Example gifts: Guatemala water system and pedestrian
bridges—collaborations with Engineers without Borders.


Johnsons Park Fund
Current Value: $210,000
Annual distributions $9,500
This fund was created to encourage programming and
provide support for capital improvements. In 2019 we
funded concerts, exercise programming, movie night and
a kite day.


Andrew Bell Charitable Trust
Current Value: $318,000
The Trust is the recipient of an annual gift from the estate
of Rotarian Andrew Bell. These funds were pledged to
meet our $200,000 gift for the restoration of the Brown
Street Academy Schoolyard and the restoration of the
Johnsons Park.


The Trust also holds nearly $500,000 in assets to support
six endowed scholarships—but more about those in a
future issue of CONNECTING.