A Dispatch from Seoul, South Korea

On Wednesday, September 17, Rotarian Teresa Esser attended a dinner meeting of the Seoul Rotary Club, RI District 3650.  Founded in 1927, the Seoul Rotary Club is the first Rotary Club in South Korea, and the only English-speaking Rotary club in Seoul.  Teresa filed this report upon her return:


The featured speaker that evening was Alexander Kobenko, Deputy head of Government, Minister, Russian Federation, Government of Samara Region, Ministry for Economic Development, Investments and Trade.  Another member of Mr. Kobenko's delegation was Rotarian Anna M. Granovskaya, Chief Executive of the Rotary Club of Samara, Russia. 


Since I had already been to the Rotary Club of Seoul once before, the names and faces of the Korean Rotarians were familiar.  Seoul Rotary Club President S. David Chang was very friendly and gave me a flag from the Seoul Rotary Club.  He projected a picture of Milwaukee's lakefront on the screen.


The Russian delegation from Samara was actively working the group of wealthy South Korean Rotarians. Their forty minute presentation was designed to convince Korean Rotarians to consider investing in the Samara region of Russia. They are aware that the U.S. has declared economic sanctions against Russia.  U.S. corporations are pulling out of  Russia, so investment opportunities are available.


The Samara government has noticed that their Soyuz rockets are of considerable interest to the South Koreans, who lack a space program of their own.  There was a joint Samara-South Korean rocket project.  Regarding investments in the Samara Region, tax incentives are available for qualified investors.


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