Two RCM Scholars Graduate


This December two of our RCM Scholars graduated after years of mentoring and financial support from the RCM Scholarship Program. We congratulate Jade Brown and Tim Hall on their achievements! Read more about Jade and Tim below.


Jade Brown

By mentors Leslie Hauser and Jeff Tredo


This December Jade graduated from Marquette University with a Sociology degree.  Jade graduated from Rufus King High School in May 2011 and has been in the Rotary scholarship program for the past four and a half years.  She has always wanted to work with children and found the degree where she could concentrate her efforts on childhood development. 


During high school she was a tutor at St. Marcus Lutheran School and found this experience to be rewarding and challenging.  As part of her Sociology degree program, Jade looked for an internship that would bring together many aspects of her course work. During her last semester at Marquette she worked at City on a Hill, a neighborhood center on 23rd and Kilbourn designed to educate, mentor and aid Milwaukee youth, many of whom are at-risk.  One of her semester projects was to set up an afternoon educational “journey” where the children went into different rooms in the center to learn about various at-risk behaviors, such as drug/alcohol abuse, cyber bullying and family violence.  The children received a passport that they had stamped in each room they visited.  In each room they heard from a child or young adult who had an experience with the issue and learned ways to cope.


As part of the Rotary scholarship program Jade was encouraged to put together a resume and consider employment opportunities in her field.  Jade made the most of these subtle nudges and last spring submitted her resume and job application at COA, Youth and Family Centers.  She was hired in June to be a summer school assistant teacher, for 2- and 3-year-olds in their early childhood development program.  She loved the job, and they thought the world of her.   During her last semester at Marquette she managed to continue working 25 hours a week at their new location on 24th and Kilbourn.  She had a busy semester, with 3 classes, an internship, her day job and weekend shifts at Outpost.  It has all paid off as she has been offered a full-time job at COA and she will have her degree in hand.  Jade will add tremendous value to our community and will make us all proud to have supported her through her journey.  



Tim Hall, in his own words

Mentored by Peter Hitler and Wendell Willis


Future Plans: I intend on going to South Africa for a semester studying at the University of Capetown, finishing my final credits for my Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Once I return home, I plan on taking a gap year to prep and take the MCAT before entering the Peace Corp, after which I will apply for medical school.


Words to new students: Eleanor Roosevelt said it best, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." I know this is a problem that I still struggle to this day, mostly because I've placed my trust in others rather than myself. I'm learning to take that power of trust and invest it in everything that I think that I do. You can do anything you set your mind to, you just have to believe it first and be willing to work for it.


Words of Appreciation: I can't thank Rotary enough for what the organization has given to me over the years. Some gifts were obvious – monetary, inspirational, a group a fellow Rotary Scholars – but other gifts weren't as obvious, such as unconditional support from my mentors, Peter Hitler and Wendell Willis.