Scholar Corner - Deja Hoskin
In her own words, Deja Hoskin says that through the Rotary scholarship program and college, she has been “transformed greatly.”  Growing up as an only child, she was very close to her mother and grandmother.  As a result, heading off to college and saying goodbye to them was very difficult.  Deja challenged herself to learn how to live independently and handle day-to-day tasks on her own.  She also learned that continual learning (and sometimes failure) are a part of life and she’s taking each and every experience in stride.  
Deja with her mentors Christy Brown and Pam Evason.
Deja has really enjoyed her time at UW-Whitewater.  Being a smaller campus, the student to faculty ratio is low which allows her to build strong relationships with her professors.  She leveraged these close connections to help her pass a challenging math class.  She also took a life-changing faculty led travel study to South Africa, during which she made amazing connections, traveled across a beautiful country, swam in the Indian ocean, and even got to pet a cheetah!
The Rotary Scholarship program has been very helpful for Deja both financially (as she used the funds to lower student loan levels and pay for books and supplies for the course), as well as personally (due to the support, confidence, and encouragement she received from her mentors)
Deja will be graduating in May, receiving Associate of Arts Degree, a Bachelor's of Science in Political Science, and a Paralegal certificate. Upon graduation, Deja plans to work as a paralegal for a year before going to law school.  This year will give her some real-world experience, as well as time to really focus on law school applications and preparation for the LSATs.