Scholar Corner

Each month in the WAVES, get to know an RCM Scholar in our new feature, the “Scholar Corner!” 


Octrober 2015 - Aniyah Stubblefield


3rd year student at Mount Mary
Studying Nursing
Mentor: Margaret Crawford


WAVES: What surprised you most about your college experience?


Aniyah: One thing that surprised me about college, is the amount of help available to students. I expected the higher education professionals to be tough, and not to care about my success in school.  At my school the professors really care about the students, they are always willing to help. Even if I don’t personally ask for help, the professors will reach out to me.


WAVES: If you’ve landed on a career goal, tell us “what you want to be when you grow up” and why.


Aniyah: I would like to be a counselor (high school or college students). I would love to help students with their problems and point them in the right direction and give them the resources they need to be successful. 



August 2015 - Kesley Wilkerson

5th year student at UW-Madison
Majoring in Marketing and Textile & Apparel Design
Mentor: Eric Isbister


Kelsey is pictured in one of his own recent creations!


WAVES: Tell us about one of your biggest challenges or greatest successes in your college career so far.


Kelsey: During the most challenging time of my college career, I transitioned from pursuing Mechanical Engineering to Textile & Fashion Design.  I lost my annual summer internship at Rockwell Automation, Badger studentship for a year, 90% of scholarships and grants - but  I created a plan to follow my desired dream of being a designer and entrepreneur and was reinstated at UW-Madison after a semester at Madison Area Technical College.


WAVES: If you’ve landed on a career goal, tell us “what you want to be when you grow up” and why.


Kelsey: As a designer, I want to create brands of clothing and accessories that gives the consumer pride, joy, ambition and identity.  Once I receive the status of a top designer, I want to utilize my platform and rally my customers to invest in education. 


July 2015 - Mayra Alaniz


Just finished her 2nd year at Georgetown Univeristy
Majoring in Government, Minoring in Education, Inquiry & Justice
Mentors: Susan Lloyd & Past President John Ridley


WAVES: What surprised you most about your college experience?

Mayra: I was most surprised by the various opportunities that I have had to try things I never imagined I would do. I have been part of two dance groups where I have learned Mexican folk dance and samba. I have traveled to places like Haiti and Texas.

WAVES: If you’ve landed on a career goal, tell us “what you want to be when you grow up” and why.

Mayra: I have not necessarily landed on one career goal, but I have identified a passion that has guided me in college and will surely guide me into my career. I am very passionate about education reform, access to higher education, and just about anything that revolves around disadvantaged communities so I know that my career, whatever it may be, will be helping communities. 


April 2015 - Dani Cortes


Third Year Student at Columbia College
Majoring in Documentary Filmmaking
Mentors: Tracy Sparrow and Bert Davis


WAVES: What surprised you most about your college experience?


Dani: What surprised me most about college is how open minded it makes you, even if you already considered yourself a pretty open minded person. You get to meet people from different places, be opened to new mindsets and ways of thinking, and you also get learn about so many new things.


WAVES: If you’ve landed on a career goal, tell us “what you want to be when you grow up” and why.


Dani: I do believe I have realized my career goal. I would love nothing more than to travel the world telling the stories of people who otherwise might never be heard. I want to continue my path towards social justice by not only following stories of injustices around the world, but also helping out my community in Milwaukee, my hometown. I want to tell stories that are greater than my own. I want to be a documentary filmmaker.

Dani’s mentor Tracey Sparrow says: Dani is a delightful, hard-working student who is serious about making an impact in her world.

March 2015 - Brandon Holmes

Fourth Year Student at UW-Oshkosh
Majoring in International Studies/ National and Gobal Security/ African Studies
Mentors: Jim Miller and Jim Milner


WAVES: What has been one of your biggest challenges?


Brandon: How much time management is critical to your success. I've always been organized but I've realized once you enter college you have to take it to another level, using tools such as charts and reminders.


WAVES: Tell us about one of your greatest successes in your college career so far.


Brandon: My greatest success so far just recently took place. I received two awards while participating in a Model United Nations competition. It was challenging but the amount of knowledge, confidence, and experience that I've gained is tremendous.


Brandon’s mentor Jim Miller says: What impressed us about Brandon at his original interview was his sense of social responsibility, as illustrated by his initiative in reenergizing the student council at his high school – and we’ve seen him continue to develop his civic dedication throughout his college career.


February 2015 - Jasmine Bray


Senior at Mount Mary University
Majoring in Early Childhood/ Middle Childhood Education
Mentors: Paula Penebaker and Mike Koepke


WAVES: What has been one of your biggest challenges?


Jasmine: Time management was one of my biggest challenges. Trying to balance classes, family demands and social life made for challenging decision-making. Using school resources and tools such as planners and schedules to organize my time have helped me be successful. I think I have done an outstanding job in school thus far!


WAVES: Tell us “what you want to be when you grow up” and why.


Jasmine: When I was younger, I had my mind set on Nursing.  Once I completed my freshman year of college, I decided that nursing was not for me. I used Mt. Mary University’s Student Success Center and reached out to my advisors and mentors for guidance. Luckily, I found a major that was the best fit for me:  Education. I want to be a Special Education Teacher that works with children with cognitive delays and mental and physical disabilities. Five years from now, I want to have my own Youth Development Center for children and adolescents who have mental illnesses, a place where they can come and express their emotions through creative writing, music and sports.


Jasmine’s mentor Paula Penebaker says: I’ve seen Jasmine blossom from a shy, tight bud to a full, beautiful flower during our mentor/mentee relationship.  She has a good head on her shoulders, is an excellent student and a mature and delightful young person with a bright future ahead of her.