Scholar Corner - Ronisha Howard

Ronisha Howard, a rising junior RCM scholar at UW-Oshkosh, demonstrated poise and maturity when called upon at the last minute to speak about her college experience at the RCM Scholarship Classic Golf Outing dinner.  This is just one of many occasions in which Roni has risen to a challenge in the last two years. 


As a high school student, Roni showed great promise; she had good grades, was involved in numerous extracurricular activities and was viewed by administration, teachers and her fellow students as a go-to person for projects and causes.  Despite her success in high school, her freshman year at Oshkosh was rocky.  Like many students who find their high school relatively easy, Roni’s study habits were not well suited to the meet college level requirements.  She assumed she could continue to be extensively involved outside the classroom and joined several clubs. In addition, Roni took on a part-time job working with school aged children daily.  When roommate issues added further stress to her already complex life, it became evident that she had over-committed.  Unfortunately, it was too late to improve upon her grades and by the end of her first semester Roni was on academic probation. 


After several serious discussions with her mother and her mentors, Jackie Herd-Barber and Renee Anderson, Roni made adjustments that enabled her to progressively improve her grade point average over the subsequent three semesters.  She has taken both winter and summer interim classes repeating courses to improve her grades.  She has focused her energies on just two non-academic activities that she enjoys most and is now working only 6 hours per week.  Roni has also reflected on her strengths and goals and as a result changed her major from pre-med to social work. 


With a track record of conquering adversity, we have every reason to believe that Roni Howard will continue to succeed, and we are delighted to be able to support her!