Next Big Project Proposals Due October 31st

In keeping with our legacy of initiating enduring projects in our community — the Milwaukee Rotary Centennial Arboretum, the Milwaukee Rotary Amphitheater at Pier Wisconsin, Second Harvest — the RCM Board of directors has decided that the time is right for yet another significant contribution to the community.  But what should it be?  That is for the Rotarians in our club to recommend. The RCM Board is putting out a “call” to club members in July to identify potential projects that match the needs in our community with the philanthropic interests of our members and strengths of our club.


 We ask members of our club to propose projects that:


1. Match the needs in our community.

2. Indicate high expected buy-in by club members.

3. Include multi-faceted opportunities to engage many Rotarians in different ways, i.e. cash donation, hands on volunteering.

4. Build upon the RCMs current strengths and programs.

5. Offer a name recognition opportunity for Rotary, good visibility in the community and a lasting identity (This does not need to have a bricks and mortar component.)

6. Have been well vetted by the community and other funding partners so there is a high likelihood that the project will be completed as proposed. Although the project can be de nova, partnerships with existing community organizations are welcome.

7. Have a sustainable financial model for continued success.


We suggest $250,000 as a target that would be paid for between 2017 and 2020. This is intended to be a guide—projects of higher value will be considered but the proposers must have a plan for raising the additional funds.


October 31st Project Proposal Information:


Club members and committees will be encouraged to identify potential projects that meet the above criteria.  Each proposed project should have a minimum of six Rotarian-endorsers, with at least two lead or project co-chairs. This group of individuals will have responsibility for completing the project proposal application; advocating for the selection of the project; and serving as coordinators for the project implementation and fundraising if the project is selected by the club.


The project co-chairs will prepare a two page narrative description (the maximum length is two pages) of the project and the population will serve and identify the ways it meets the Centennial Project criteria. If the project will be completed in partnership with another organization, one additional page should be added to describe the collaborating organization.


The 2020 project committee will review the proposals and select no more than three projects for additional consideration. The first round selection will be made by December 15th.


Please contact the Rotary office for more information.