RCM Member Survey Results

In March RCM sent out our 5th annual Membership Survey, asking Rotarians to provide feedback. Sending a survey that remains consistent from year to year allows us to track trends and find areas for improvement. Thank you to the 156 people who responded!


Across the board, members report satisfaction in all aspects of the club, continuing the incremental upward trend seen on these surveys since beginning the practice in 2010. 97% of survey respondents said they agree or strongly agree with the statement, “I am proud to be a member of the Rotary Club of Milwaukee.”


Members told us they appreciate the caliber of speakers and thought the meetings continue to be well-run. A slight downward trend continues in terms of satisfaction with the food, which we will address with Saz’s.


A slight tweak in the question about communication sources yielded interesting results. 81% of members chose the Weekly Update as their most-used communication source, with podium announcements a distant second. We see an opportunity to explore members’ use and interest in our other methods of communication over the next year to make sure we are allocating the right resources to the features members use the most.


We find that while most Rotarians express a high level of satisfaction with Rotary, they also expect a high return on their investment in the club.


For example, one survey respondent expressed more ambivalence or dissatisfaction with the club than most respondents in several areas and indicated that they did not intend to continue membership – but their answers averaged a 3 out of 5, rather than a truly low score. The survey was not signed, but Mary or Kathie would appreciate the chance to talk to the Rotarian in question!


If you would like to see a summary of the survey results, please contact the Rotary office.