Early Success for Global Milwaukee Committee Pilot Project

RCM’s new Global Milwaukee Committee is working on putting its bold ideas into practice with a pilot project featuring Phoenix Products. Scott Fredrick, CEO of Phoenix Products, has been a member since 2005 and is currently co-chair of the Global Milwaukee Committee along with Pat Cronin.


Claudia Paez of Phoenix Products, who is working on the pilot project, with GMC chair Pat Cronin.

Phoenix Products is looking to expand its lighting products and systems in the commercial and industrial markets in Columbia, Chile and Mexico. By connecting Scott and Phoenix Products with Rotarians in these countries, the Global Milwaukee Committee hopes to build a proven process for building international business-to-business connections using the Rotary network.


In early October, President John sent nearly 100 email letters of introduction to the presidents and district governors     representing select cities in Columbia, Chile and Mexico. These letters, sent in English  and Spanish, asked for the     recipient’s help in connecting with Rotarians who have experience with electrical products and who may have connections wtih port authority or container/bulk terminal operators.

John received several excellent leads to pass along to Phoenix Products, including a message from Guillermo Lana, President of the Rotary Club of Cuajimalpa, Mexico, who happens to be the owner of a lighting control distribution company.


"We were very pleasantly surprised by the number of responses from highly regarded companies,” Scott said, “Working on our own, we would never have discovered and contacted so many prospective representatives in such a short time.  This seems to be a great program and based on our initial results I highly recommend others with a similar need explore participating as well."


While Scott and his Phoenix Products team are in the early stages of connecting with Guillermo and others in Columbia, Chile and Mexico, the warm responses generated by the first step of the pilot project are an encouraging sign of future success!