RCM Scholar Graduates College

Dani Cortes is a Rotary scholar success story! Dani began her college career at Carroll College. During her first few years at Carroll, Dani took a variety of courses and explored many different subjects. One of the classes she took was a documentary film making class and she was hooked! She knew that this was the direction she wanted to go for her career and recognized that Carroll College was probably not the best place for her.


After researching academic offerings and scholarships, Dani decided to attend Columbia College in Chicago, which has a strong documentary filmmaking program. Dani has had the opportunity to make several documentaries and is currently working on a piece about immigration. Dani has had several internships as well, that allowed her to produce short, issue focused films.


After graduation, she will be working with 371 Productions – many of you are familiar with their work through the Precious Lives Project. I know that Dani will be a success in her chosen field. Not only have I enjoyed seeing her documentary work, but I have admired her tenaciousness and her commitment to completing her education. We should feel proud that Dani is one of our Scholars!


Congratulations, Dani!