A New Way to Support Rotary: the Sustaining Membership

By George Mosher  (Sustaining Member #1)
and John Bernaden (Sustaining Member #2)


Rotary membership is a very good value.  If one spreads the cost of membership over the year, the cost is less than $24 per week.  This includes lunch, parking, a great program and the opportunity to connect with fellow Rotarians on a weekly basis.  We offer monthly networking hours and Tyrotarian tours as well.  And that is just the beginning—we create a platform to make a difference in our community and around the globe.


Rotary has many strengths including a committed membership base, strong volunteer leadership and an outstanding staff.  In our opinion, the dedicated executive leadership makes the difference between a good club and a great club.  The effort to keep dues affordable has resulted in a squeeze on the financial resources available for our many good works.


We must continually balance the need to keep dues affordable with the need to grow revenue.  To this end, at the suggestion of the Finance committee, the RCM Board created a “Sustaining Membership” category—an opportunity for those with the means and the inclination to support the Club above the usual dues payment.  Sustaining members will be given some special recognition. For example, the Sustaining Members will have a unique name badge and will be listed on the donor board near the registration table. From time to time, they will be recognized in the newsletter.


Semi-annual dues for a Sustaining Member will be $995. Dues for “Exempt” Sustaining Members will be $595. Choosing to be a Sustaining Member will not lock you in for life – you can always return to regular membership status in a future billing cycle. Five of your fellow Rotarians have already signed up by word-of-mouth news  to support the Club as Sustaining Members. For more information or to sign up, contact the Rotary office.