Reading is Fundamental Volunteer Opportunities

Rotarians are the face of literacy for many Milwaukee school children, distributing books and sharing how reading is important in their own lives to students in 10 schools in the Milwaukee Area.


RCM has been involved in the Reading is Fundamental book distribution (RIF) program for over 40 years, distributing books to kids in kindergarten through 8th grade.  In the past Rotary’s annual contribution was matched 3:1 by the federal government, but in 2012, federal funding for the program disappeared. The Milwaukee Brewers Community Foundation stepped up at this critical moment and has since been strong partner.  In a new partnership with Sam’s Hope, Rotary just received a very generous donation of 10,000 books that will be distributed to our partner schools.


Each student at our 10 schools will receive at least two free books this year through RIF, distributed by Rotarians. For many of the students this is their first book they personally own. At the book distributions, Rotarians join kids as they pick out a book of their choice and hear from Rotarians on the importance of literacy. Rotarians encourage students that reading is the key to success.


Rotary volunteers gather with students at a book distribution.


This is one of Rotary’s most popular volunteer opportunities, and if you have distributed books at it this semester you know why!  RIF is now looking for volunteers at its next book distribution at various times starting in March. Contact the Rotary office if you are interested in learning more.