Volunteers needed for Oliver Wendell Holmes “Homework First” Project

Oliver Wendell Holmes, one of Rotary’s “Partner Schools,” has asked for Rotary volunteers to help with its “Homework First” project. OWH is an MPS K-8 school located just north of downtown. Volunteers are needed to meet with students to encourage them to complete their homework and reinforce their successful efforts. Volunteers will coordinate their schedules with a specific teacher, and work with that teacher’s class. Volunteer visits will take less than an hour, anywhere from 1- 4 times a month, depending on the amount of time the volunteer can offer.


While Rotary provides financial support for various programming needs at OWH, our assistance in providing volunteer time is equally important. If you can help in this important program, please contact one of the co-chairs of the Partners in Education Committee, Dave McClurg or Susan Rabe, or the Committee’s liaison to OWH, Roger Schroeder.