The James Miller III Scholarship

Rotarian Jim Miller joined the Legacy Society in 2012 with the donation of two insurance policies to the RCM Community Trust. The eventual proceeds of the insurance policies will fund an endowed scholarship in honor of his son, James Miller, III, who passed away that year.


Now Jim and his wife, Victoria, have enhanced their gift with a commitment to make an annual donation of $2,500 to the scholarship program.  This means that we will award the first James Miller III scholarship in 2017. Jim and Victoria will enjoy seeing the scholarship awarded this year and for years to come.


This generous gift to the Scholarship Fund is in keeping with Jim’s deep dedication to education. He was a major driver in the development of the Scholarship Program, beginning with the ad hoc committee that met in 2008, which matured into the standing Scholarship Committee a year later. The goal of the committee is to award scholarships to MPS graduates who have potential, but aren’t necessarily at the top of their classes. These need-based scholarships, which include mentoring from Rotarians, help students who may otherwise not have the funds or guidance necessary to continue with their education.


With the recent addition of 4 new award recipients, the RCM Scholarship Program will have 22 scholars enrolled in higher education this fall. The program is supported by the proceeds of the RCM Scholarship Golf Classic.


Jim is a mentor for scholar Brandon Holmes, a student at UW-Oshkosh. According to Jim, 


                “the best way to build Milwaukee is to educate people.”


Jim is living this credo through his extensive work with the Scholarship committee and through his generous contributions.