Rotary’s New Future Milwaukee Alumni Affinity Group
Are you a Future Milwaukee Alumni?  If so, we are pleased to announce that the Rotary will be creating a wonderful opportunity for you – a Future Milwaukee Alumni Affinity Group.  This is not a standing committee but rather a space where Rotary members can engage with fellow alums, offer ideas for upcoming Future Milwaukee alumni events, discuss ways in which alumni can engage with current students, and participate in discussions on topics of interest. With Future Milwaukee’s 40th Anniversary on the horizon, Rotary’s Future Milwaukee Alumni Group can even help craft the event!
Affinity sessions will be facilitated by Rotarian Christine Hill, Executive Director of Future Milwaukee.  Rumor has it that Christine is adamant about staying on time and on point so meetings should be fun, energizing and productive.
We hope you will check out this newest addition to the Rotary’s offerings.  For questions or to express interest, please contact Christine Hill at