Recruiting Emerging Leaders to RCM

Last August RCM held its first “Connecting with Rotary: Young Professionals Series” to engage with emerging leaders in our community. The Recruitment and Admissions committee recently reflected on the series and recognized two kinds of energy in the room during the events in August.


One energy was positive, interested and engaging. Connecting with our future leaders felt rewarding and exciting. At the same time, there was recognition that many of these young professionals who attended the August programs would not be considered eligible for club membership.


In response to the Connecting with Rotary: Young Professionals Series, the Recruitment and Admissions Committee with the Board of Directors’ approval developed an “Emerging Leaders” recruitment strategy designed to bring young professional members into the club.


RCM aims to recruit 6-8 Rotarians per year over the next three years via the Emerging Leaders strategy. To be considered for this membership, emerging leaders must meet the following requirements.


  1. Proposed by at least two current RCM members.
  2. Demonstrated interest in Rotary’s mission.
  3. Civic engagement: at least three years of community engagement/volunteerism at aminimum of two different organizations; ideally one of these is at a non-profit board or advisory committee level.
  4. Professional Leadership Potential: at least three years of professional experience in their current field.


For more information, please contact the Rotary office.