Come to Guatemala!

Join you fellow Rotarians for the 4th annual trip to Guatemala from May 13th to May 20th and be part of our strong and continuing mission to Making a Difference in this developing country.


Rotarian Mike Paddock of our partner group Engineers without Borders (EWB) will lead our group.  Mike has extensive international experience in leading the construction of critical Guatemalan infrastructure projects that match Rotary and aspiring university engineering students with the needs of Guatemalan villages.


After arriving in Guatemala City, the group will:

  • Travel to the Joyabaj area to view past RCM bridge and school projects in Temal and Chitom.
  • Work on construction a new pedestrian bridge with members of the UW- Madison EWB chapter.  This construction is part of the Three Bridges grant initiated and funded by the World Community Services Committee of our club and Rotary International.
  • Meet community residents to understand their needs in one of the Highlands communities in a region under consideration for a RCM and EWB large scale water utility project.
  • Travel to Huehuetenango to meet with Guatemalan Rotary Club members partnering with our club on a water project under consideration in the village of La Laguna.
  • Support the local economy with visits to the classic United Nations heritage city of Antigua and the breathtakingly beautiful Lake Atitlan.


The estimated cost of the trip is $2,000 a person which includes airfare, hotels, meals and in-country transportation.  No Spanish or Mayan language capabilities are necessary.


Please contact Mary McCormick or Jerry Stepaniak for more information, or contact the Rotary office to indicate your interest.