Rotarians Honored for Outstanding Participation in 2013

Once again it’s time to celebrate those with 100% participation in 2013 - those who have attended 50 or more Rotary activities throughout the year. Members can earn participation credits by attending social, tyrotarian and volunteer events, as well as committee meetings or make-ups at other clubs. You can make-up here in Southeastern Wisconsin or around the world! In 2013, here are just a few examples of international make-ups by our members: Fred Bersch attended Rotary in Russia, Leni Siker made up in Indonesia, and John Bernaden spoke at a Rotary meeting in Romania. You can locate local and international clubs at 


Kent Lovern, Chris Muellenbach and Harry Drake earned participation credit for attending the Arboretum opening. Kent also volunteers at Brown Street Academy; Chris is an Arboretum docent; and Harry is an active member of the Partners in Education committee - just a few of the ways that Rotarians can earn participation credit!






44 Years
Paul Meyer


26 Years
Sister M. Camille Kliebhan


24 Years 
By Foster


23 Years
Jim Ford


18 Years
Jim Hunter


17 Years
Harry Drake
Larry Clancy


12 Years
Jackie Herd-Barber
Chris Jaekels

11 Years

Fred Bersch
Joe Caruso
Dick Hackl
Ted Hutton
Detlef Moore


9 Years
George Liberatore
John Wermuth

8 Years
Tom Angerer
Jim Barry, III
Larry Bonney
Bill Hattendorf
Ron Kuramoto
Jim Miller
Jim Milner
Ellen Redeker
Thelma Sias
Phil Vollrath
John Walker


7 Years
Tom Gale
Charlie James
Rick Mandel
Jill Pelisek
Jeff Remsik
Barbara Velez


6 Years
Bill Coleman
Bill DeLind
Kathie Eilers
Dan Nelson
Jeff Nelson
Sister Kathleen O’Brien


5 Years
Jon Dehlinger
Chris Meyer

4 Years
David Baum
Dave Carter
Dan Fetterley
John Hein
Eric Isbister
Dave McClurg
Bill Rotter
Kim Schaffer
Leni Siker


3 Years
Bob Slater
Dennis Tamcsin
Arthur Wasserman
Rick White


2 Years
John Beckwith
Jean Casey
Beth Fetterley Heller
Wendy Werner


1 Year
Steve Chevalier
Pam Evason
Kent Lovern
Jack Marringa
Chris Muellenbach
Ann Navin
George Solveson