Rotary Dreams Big Globally

Around the globe, Rotarians connect with partners to build healthy, sustainable communities –to help the people in the communities to realize their dreams

Projects in Guatemala

In partnership with Engineers Without Borders (EWB), RCM implements specific, sustainable projects that improve infrastructure, health and education for rural communities in the highlands of Guatemala.


In 2014, RCM and EWB constructed a roughing filter for the municipality of Joyabaj, Guatemala, to improve the water quality for its 25,000 residents. Rotarians traveled to see the project first-hand – RCM has since made the Guatemala trip an annual tradition, with opportunities for members to participate directly in the implementation of projects.


Then RCM and EWB built two pedestrian bridges serving several nearby communities to provide better year-round access to markets in Joyabaj. This project includes training in agricultural practices to assist locals in making the most of their improved marketplace access. In addition, RCM and EWB built a new school in the Joyabaj suburb of Chitom, to replace the cramped, windowless schoolroom. The new three-room school with bathrooms and a handwashing station serves a community of mostly Quiche Indians though the sixth grade.


RCM and EWB work collaboratively with Guatemalan communities to seek sustainable projects with the greatest impact. Often these projects are supported by grants from Rotary International, other Rotary clubs, and individuals and foundations that recognize RCM’s persistence in making a difference.


Open World

RCM recently hosted a delegation of professionals from the Ukraine interested in exchanging ideas around innovation in education as part of the Open World program. Rotarians hosted delegates in their homes, provided a warm welcome through social events, and arranged for behind-the-scenes tours and talks in many of Milwaukee’s educational institutions and innovation hubs.


Members build global connections through programs like Open World and other cultural exchanges sponsored by Rotary International – bridging differences and promoting international goodwill.


Polio Plus

Rotary International’s signature program, Polio Plus, was established in 1985 and has since been dedicated to eradicating polio around the world. More than one million Rotarians have volunteered their time and personal resources to protect more than 2.5 billion children in 122 countries from polio. With only two endemic countries left, the campaign continues, supported by donations from RCM and other Rotary clubs around the world.