June 2018 CONNECTING Newsletter
Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin Celebrates 35 Years of Good Work

On May 23rd, Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin (FAEW) held its annual Grateful Plate Gala at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts. In honor of Feeding America’s 35th anniversary, attendees celebrated the partnership between Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin and the Rotary Club of Milwaukee. Special remarks were made to thank our Club during the event. Here are three excerpts:


Jim Milner (President & CEO of Urban Strategies/Sector Management)

As a Rotarian we learn the purpose of motivating members all over world, it is our commitment to the Four-Way Test. When I responded to the Four-Way Test regarding Rotary’s work with Feeding America, this is what I discovered.


Is it the Truth? Yes, we know that 1 in 9 people are struggling with hunger and 1 in 6 Children are struggling with hunger each day!

Is it fair to all concerned? Yes, we know, and I am sure you will agree, hunger does not discriminate; age, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. It does not matter the struggle is there!

Will it build good will and better friendships? As we are breaking bread together tonight, we know this is the first step toward building great relationships; turn to the person setting next to you tell them “thank you for coming tonight.”

Will it be beneficial to all concerned? Yes, I believe when people are hungry, they make poor decisions and their ability to self-manage is so low that they take their issues out on others.


Bill Bohn (Executive Vice President of Associated Bank, and Chairman of the FAEW Board)

It has been my honor to follow in the footsteps of our founders. More than 35 years ago, Rotarian and Dr. Milton J. Huber, a professor of public affairs at UWM, suggested to the Rotary Club of Milwaukee, that our community needed a food bank that would ensure everyone had access to healthy, nutritious food. He knew the Rotary was the perfect organization to mobilize the community around this effort. He was right. They took on the challenge and on Aug. 1, 1982, Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin opened its doors in a small warehouse on the city’s south side, under its original name, America’s Second Harvest of Wisconsin. Our initial donation was 600lbs of apples provided by a local grower. The rest, as they say, is history.


Patti Habeck (President of FAEW)

To commemorate this milestone in our history we have planted a small cluster of apple trees on our property on Fond du Lac Ave Fond du Lac Ave. It is our hope that these trees will stand as a living symbol of the roots established by the Rotary Club 35 years ago that have allowed us to continue to grow and thrive.


The RCM Community Trust donated an additional $5,000 at the event to honor our roots with Feeding America and to celebrate our commitment to solve hunger TOGETHER.