Each year the Rotary Club of Milwaukee recognizes a member of our community for outstanding vocational service. Recipients are individuals who have made a difference in the life of our community and who represent a diverse set of professions and industries.


The Rotary Person of the Year award is the Milwaukee Rotary Clubs highest award.


The purpose of this award is to highlight the Second Object of Rotary and to foster:

  • high ethical standards in business and the professions; 
  • recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations; and 
  • the dignifying by each Rotarian of his/her occupation as an opportunity to serve society. 


The recipients of the Rotary Person of the Year—Vocational Recognition award are individuals who:

  • through their profession, have made the community a better place to live and work; and 
  • have shown outstanding leadership in the advancement of ideas, products or services. 


The award honors the contribution made through an individual’s profession, not through civic and philanthropic efforts. This focus on the vocational contribution is what distinguishes this award from others. The award is also intended to recognize individuals who are professionally active and not intended to recognize the past service of retired individuals.


Nominations are limited to one page in length and must be submitted electronically as a Word document to the Rotary office at RPY@milwaukeerotary.com. No more than one supporting attachment will be accepted per nomination. Supporting documents must be in a PDF format and are limited to one page in length.


Contact info:


Jeff Fleming

Chair, Rotary Person of the Year Committee


Mary McCormick

Executive Director

Rotary Club of Milwaukee